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Elenvala's Journal

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Saturday, July 19th, 2003
9:27 am
Blah!!! >.<

I hate this...


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Thursday, April 24th, 2003
1:27 pm - I take the chorus from Anti-Flag's Stars and Stripes...does it sum it up?
"Dont fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me."

I think so!

current mood: aggravated

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
1:30 pm
WTF!!??!!! *dies* Bad Religion's going to be at the Palladium in Worcester, 25-30 mins away. AND I CANT GO!!!!!!! THIS IS FUCKING KILLING ME!!!!!!! I WANNA GO DAMN IT!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

current mood: aggravated

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Monday, April 14th, 2003
3:46 pm
Im going to be going to get my hair dyed soon. Im bleaching it white blonde..then im going to be dying the bangs red. *nods* heh

I got a letter today from vodevil!!!! yay!!!!! ;) hehe *hugs* It made my day girlie!!! It might take me afew days until i write back. My hands gotta heal! but I will get back to you soon! ;)

I gotta write a letter to someone else too hehe He'll have to wait for awhile.

I gotta go now and get my hand bandaged again

current mood: discontent

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

1:11 pm
[x]I hurt: my hand..twice!
[x]I love: hehe someone ;)
[x]I hate: someone
[x]I cry: because im frusterated about my life
[x]I fear: spiders, planes, small spaces, scorpions, possessive people, cars
[x]I hope: to be able to do something worth while in my life
[x]I feel alone: because i like being alone..people suck! only afew people i dont mind being around
[x]I kill: nothing.
[x]I talk: too much in such little time lol
[x]I listen: to peoples problems
[x]I break: too many things in my body...im worse then Orlando Bloom
[x]I see: my cat playing with its tail
[x]I smell: *sniffs* cigarettes and incense
[x]I taste: coffee
[x]I work: all the time
[x]I remember: too much
[x]I hold: my friends, family and loved ones dearly
[x]I hide: my true feelings...and the real me from people..only afew have seen the real me.
[x]I pray: 24/7
[x]I walk: and i fall on my face haha
[x]I drive: myself crazy!
[x]I read: fantasy a lot and poetry
[x]I was: ready to make myself smile...but i didnt think itd come this soon
[x]I breathe: in the smoke filled air
[x]I play: with my neck piercing alot
[x]I miss: 2 people...the people ive lost to death and my loved ones in iraq
[x]I touch: peoples hearts lol not
[x]I learn: from my mistakes every day. it makes me stronger
[x]I feel: pain..stupid hand!
[x]I know: when somethings going to happen
[x]I said: things too fast
[x]I dream: of things that scare me
[x]I have: no respect for people who treat any living thing like a piece of garbage
[x]I want: to be inked again damn it!!
[x]I fell: too many times
[x]I wait: for the bright side of things to reel its ugly head
[x]I need: someone here with me when i stumble and fall
[x]I live: in a world of turmoil and hate...why cant we all just get along?? is it asking too much!!!???
[x]I die: when its my time to go. *nods*

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

12:42 pm
Which do you prefer?

+ power rangers/ninja turtles: ninja turtles lol
+ boxers/briefs: boxers
+ elmo/grover: grover even though theyre both annoying as fuck...grover reminds me of me.
+ Rosie O'Donnel/Caroline Rhea: ermm Caroline Rhea
+ Who Wants To Be A Millionare/The Weakest Link: neither
+ Men/Women: both ;)
+ Sunglasses/Hats: hats
+ punk/emo: definately punk
+ 2%/Skim: 2%
+ Spanish/French: french
+ White meat/Red meat: neither!!!
+ AIM/MSN: aim
+ Kazaa/Imesh: Kazaa
+ 50 Cent/Eminem: eminem
+ BMX/Skateboarding: BOTH!
+ South Park/Simpsons: simpsons
+ chap stick/lip balm: lip balm
+ Past/Present: present
+ Bugs Bunny/Mickey Mouse: bugs bunny
+ DVD/VHS: dvd

How many times a day do you...

* masturbate: lol
* play that song: tons
* eat: hehe 2-3 times
* get online(& How long): alot
* Write: i cant write now *pouts* stupid hand!
* Talk to someone: a lot
* Shower: 2
* Jump around in circles: haha 4xs
* Lose something(and what): nothing
* Use the phone: 3xs
* Lie: 0
* Shave(and what part): yes under my arms, and legs
* want to kill yourself: 2
* want to beat up a rent a cop: 24/7


& Film Genre(s): Fantasy, sci fi, horror action
& Item on your keychain: 2 keys
& Computer/Video Game: sons of liberty, and grand auto theft vice city i think its called lol
& Painter: viggo mortensen, Monet, Van Gogh
& Person (People): afew special people-shaunte, libby, kris, and afew others
& Way to eat coconut: gross!
& Relative: my aunts
& Font: ermmm jokerman
& Method of torture: Biting and tickling
& Electronics Brand: RCA
& STD: none
& Color for sheets: blue
& Away message: %n: "and in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make"
& Reason to miss school: sick
& Phrase/Quote: "True evil only exists in the shadow of man, when he turns his back to the light"
& Way to relax: sleep, meditation and yoga...also being in a room full of burning incense and scented candles
& Assassination: ??
& Number system: dunno

What would it be...

^ What superpower would you have: being able to fly
^ What fetish would you have: hands, eyes, biting, bondage and pointy ears ;)
^ What historical figure would you fight: dunno
^ What mythological being would you be: phoenix
^ What animal would you marry: panther
^ What weapon would you use on Godzilla: ermmm a white light..i'll beat him off with them
^ What commercial would you get rid of: *shrugs*
^ What new holiday would you create: dunno

If you had _____ you would...

% Ten Million Dollars: Id move to nz with my mum and have afew friends live with us too
% A hammer: smash the computer..it sux itd give us a reason to get a new one haha
% Two toothpicks: i dunno
% A celebrity slave: hehe im not going there!!!!
% A pet monkey: make it do the chores haha
% An airplane: get rid of it i hate them
% A movie theater: play lotr all the time baby!! hehe and hostile waters
% Four dancing clowns: kill them. they scare the hell outta me
% A Mafia: my ancesters were in a mafia..so fuck off
% A magical stick: wave it at Justin and threaten him with it lol
% Marlon Brando: dunno
% Three flashlights and some cheese: sit outside in the dark
% No power: be happier...not!
% To write a book: make it so people would buy it
% A jungle: keep it safe from being cut down
% A time machine: hehe i woudlnt use it
% One Dollar: id save it
% Lost the internet: cry cause i wouldnt be able to talk to anyone
% Killed someone: eat the body! haha not! eeeww! id report it
% No life: dunno
% To live with someone you hate: theyd be dead
% Thirteen ghosts: make them scare off my grandparents haha
% An obsession with cleaning your ears: cut my hands off
% Amnesia: id hate it

Have you ever wished...

! That you were someone else (who): yes.. anne heche
! To be stuck on an island by yourself: yep
! For penguins to invade your city: YES!!
That the animals in the zoo would be free: all the time.
! For that wedgie to go away: guess so
! That you were in Austrailia: That place sux!!! NZ much better!
! That you invented something no one needed: no
! To speak every language: yeah
! For that one person to shut their trap: oh yes!!!! >.<
! To get rid of pop-ups forever: *nod*
! That you didn't know anything: no.
! To star in a sitcom: nope! nope!
! For Batman or Superman to save your life: fuck no
! That you could do the polka: no!
! To beat an orange to a pulp: no
! That you could play an instrument(which one): i already play the instruments i like

Random Questions. Or the Final stretch...

$ Who is Tony Clifton: no idea..you tell me!
$ Do you watch Animal Planet regularly: sorta
$ When was the last time you smelled your socks: i dont smell my socks!
$ What day do you wish it was: Sunday
$ Which Jackie Chan movie would you be in: erm rush hour 2 haha
$ If there was a man standing on your toilet, what would you say: get out before i beat you to a living pulp
$ What question would you add to this survey: who was the idiot that made this up
$ How many dimes in $23.65: dont give a crap
$ When will you grow up: never damn it!!
$ How much would it cost for a new haircut: ermm depends on if i dye my hair
$ When was your last haircut: 2 weeks ago
$ Are you always this bored: yes
$ What are your thoughts on crying: i do it to keep my emotions for bottling up inside
$ The perfect vacation would be: NEW ZEALAND!!
$ Did you know Ms. Cleo was a fraud: yes..but not all of them are like that
$ How about those Jamaican accents: they rock!
$ Why didn't you show up last night: recooperating from burns
$ What is the best thing you could ever do: help the people in the world
$ Which decade was the best in America: 80s
$ How many questions were on this survey: dunno..im not going to go look either!

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

9:55 am
Im in a mixture of moods today. Im happy, yet im in mortal pain cause of my hand. Saturday at work i burned my hand on a hot pan. My hand was stuck to it. My fingers are all covered in blisters. It hurts like a bloody bitch!! Its not as bad as it was yesterday. But I did go to the drs because I wasnt doing too well. Bleh!

Im in a good mood cause i talked to a very special person yesterday morning when i got home from work (early early) heh he made me feel better *nods*

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

Saturday, April 12th, 2003
10:52 am
Oh yes! I forgot to add that Im not in a very nice mood right now cause of someone. >.< grrrrrrrrrrrrr

*pouts* My friend didnt come on. *pout*

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

10:44 am
Work was quite interesting last night. Mike and Louie were giving me lil things to eat heh as always lol ;) hehe They are excellent cooks. *grins* heh Mike and i were playing with spatualas and pretended they were swords. I poked him in the ass and he chased me. I slipped and twisted my ankle on the flour on the floor. That was embarressing..but funny as fuck. Hurt like a bitch too. heh But im good heh I had to close up the kitchen area while Sam closed the rest of the place. He rocks. I met him last night. Hes sooo cute hehe ;) corona75 never told me how gorgeous the guys were at my work hah. Sams got the nicest eyes on anyone..cept a few people. ALso his hands were darlin. I told him hes got to let me draw his hands sometime. He smiled and told me i can sometime when were not busy. Swweet! hehe

Jessy has met a girl! ;) hehe She works at my job and shes really cool. heh Neenia and i are going to hang out tomorrow night hehe ;) I gotta thank Corona for introducing her and me heh. Neenia's bi too...so i think i possibly have got a good catch. hehe ;) I have 2 other good catches too lol hehe only a small handful know who im talking about lol *grins*

corona75, vodevil, jessebrandybuck and darkranger know who one of the other 2 are hehe ;P

darkranger youre going to be getting something in the mail soon. I sent it out special to you. I hope it comes in handy for you sam!

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

Friday, April 11th, 2003
1:47 pm
I might be getting a visitor this summer baby! Woo!!!!!!!!! ;)

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Thursday, April 10th, 2003
9:55 pm
Id just like to say that I really enjoy back rubs...and deep tissue massages. Joes great at it. I miss the massages Tim used to give me in class at school. They were really nice. I cant wait until he gets home again. I have his ring on my finger still. Im still true to him. *smiles and nods*

current mood: amused

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

1:44 pm
Joe? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! *licks and glomps* You rule! hehe Ass-man! *winks* Youre weird..but you rock it hardcore. Youre one of the 2 straight boys that rock my world. The rest suck! lol hehe

current mood: bouncy

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1:38 pm
I just want to say that I heart







current mood: calm

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1:33 pm
I made 2 icons from the same picture..but they say diffrent things...they only associate with the same subjecy. Its gothic so im happy with that. I just cant pick between the two! >.< Grrrr!!!!!

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

11:08 am
I dont feel like talking. I only feel like dancing. I gotta get these negative thoughts outta my head. I gotta be free. Its the only way.

..dont ask!!!

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

10:40 am
my stomach hurts today. I dont like it when it feels that way.

The smurfs scare the hell outta me!!! They really do!!! >.< Meeps! *runs and hides*

"we must remember that we are not above nature, we are in nature."

"the death of worn-out ways of thinking, regenerates into something new."

"our worst enemies are ourselves."

"faeries show us flow and the possibilities of change. they show up clarity and insight, and the fact that everything is connected and we are all a part of anouther."

"small things may hold great truths"

"a glamour can last one hour, a day, a year, or even a lifetime. In its grip. we live in a world unrelated to physical reality, unable to precieve whats true within ourselves and others."

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
8:15 pm
All I have to say is..i feel like a big weight was lifted from my shoulders. I feel safe again.

God I love my friends! ;)

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12:49 pm - corona75 , and jessebrandybuck think i look like her :-\
Morgan PicsCollapse )

current mood: contemplative

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12:26 pm
I had the weirdest Orli dream last night. Im not getting into details..but wow..thats all i can say

(le gal-galad ello el edhel)

11:12 am
TIME STARTED: 11:14 am
A LITTLE ABOUT ME: haha you can tell what my astrological sign is..its a defiante match with me. People had actually commented about it to me.
FULL NAME: Jess M-thats all you shall know
STAR SIGN: Leo baby!
Age: 19
WHAT R U LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW?: Metallica-Master of Puppets
LAST THING U SAID?: Bloody hell
WHAT IS SITTIN NEXT TO U RIGHT NOW? a pack of cigarettes, my cd player, 2 cds and a lighter
LAST THING U ATE? cheese grits and i had some yogurt
HOW MANY BUDDIES ON UR LIST? AOL? 138-13 of them are on now heh
WHAT DO U LIKE TO DO? lots. *nods* heh I really like doing tarot card reading for people and im learning to do remedies with herbs..
WHO DID YOU LAST CALL?: Corius and Joe
What YOU AFRAID OF: spiders, possessive people and people touching me
EYE COLOR? brown-they change diffrent colors with my moods
HAIR COLOR? brown at the moment. Im going to be putting either hightlights in or bleaching my hair
HEIGHT? about 5'5 5'6
IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOUR SELF WHAT WOULD IT BE: dunno..emotionally id like to be more confident
CANDY: erm..skittles..chocolate
DRINK: coffee, tea, and i like alcoholic drinks too..but i dont go around trying to get drunk. i just have one here and there
MOVIES: tons hehe ;) i like horror, sci-fi, fantasy, war, comedy and i like submarine movies heh
TV SHOW: Simpsons and Jackass ahha
Colors: blue, black, blood red
Sports: Football (no not the stupid sport where men wear tights chasing each other for a ball and touching each others asses), ice hockey, snowboarding, bmxing, sk8boarding, dirtbiking etc
#: 7, 13, 25, 69
FAV MONTH(s): July, October, and December
Favorite Makeup: eyeliner, and lip gloss
SUN OR RAIN? Niether
CAREER: actress, student, and one day being a tattoo artist

BROKEN A BONE? too many! Im worse then Orlando Bloom!
PLAYED STRIP POKER: once..and i hated it. i like strip pool more lol ;)
BEEN IN A PHYSICAL FIGHT?: plenty..and i regret all but 2 incidents
COME CLOSE TO DYING? i had a really bad asthma attack and they had to revieve me..so yeah..well i actually did die momentarily..

SCARS? theyre embarressing for me. espically the ones from self harm
ABORTION? its murder...but there are times when you cant avoid it.
COUNTRY MUSIC: ACK!!! >.< *kills country music* We hates it!
CLASSICAL? *shrugs* its good to listen to when i wanna go to bed
MOST PRIZED POSSESSION: Viggo Mortensens signatures
r u a GOOD DANCER? swing dancing..and i used to be able to breakdance. I cant anymore cause i have a bad back..and my arms fucked up
CHICKEN POX? yes i had them
COLD: yes
STITCHES? YES!! i have them now!!!
BLOODY NOSE? many times...stupid crack!!
SURGERY: yes ive had surgery

DO YOU......
ENJOY PARKS? at times
LIKE SCHOOL?: *shrugs* depends
LIKE TO PARTY? sometimes...

WOULD YOU.............
Time finished: 11:31am

current mood: content

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